Warren harry - i know why glenn miller orchestra - из Серенады солнечной

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Warren harry - i know why (glenn miller orchestra) - из Серенады солнечной

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Дата добавления: 2018-01-28
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Why do robins sing in December
Long before the springtime is due?
And even though it's snowing
Violets are growing
I know why and so do you.

Why do breezes sigh every evening
Whispering your name as they do?
And why have I the feeling
Stars are on my ceiling
I know why and so do you.

When you smile at me
I hear gipsy violins
When you dance with me
I'm in heaven when the music begins.

I can see the sun when it's raining,
Hiding every cloud from my view?
And why do I see rainbows
When you're in my arms
I know why and so do you.

Клип "I Know Why and So do you" from film "Sun Valley Serenade"

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