Visible Cloaks - Music Interiors mix

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(Visible) Cloaks - Music Interiors (mix)

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Дата добавления: 2017-04-14
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Mix of Japanese new-age/ambient/minimalist music, mostly emanating from the corporate infrastructure of the 1980s asset bubble. FM synthesis, prefab lifestyle soundscapes and the illusion of nature in a hyper-urban environment.

Hiroshi Yoshimura Water Planet from Soundscape 1 Surround
Toshifumi Hinata Colored Air from Reality in Love
Midori Takada Mr. Henri Rousseaus Dream from Through the Looking Glass
Yas Kaz Jungle Book/Windscape from Jomon-Sho
Yutaka Hirose Nova from Sound Scape 2 Nova
Shiho Yabuki Tomoshibi from The Body Is A Message Of The Universe
Inoyama Land Mizue from Danzindan-Pojidon
Yoshio Ojima Sealed from Une Collection Des Chainons II Music For Spiral
Yoichiro Yoshikawa Nube from Cyprus
Interior Park from Interior
Yasuaki Shimizu Kono Yo Ni Yomeri 2″ from Kakashi
Hiroshi Yoshimura Water Copy from Music For Nine Post Cards
Yoichiro Yoshikawa Crater on the Moon from Miracle Planet
Haruomi Hosono (In-store background music for Muji storefront) from Muji BGM
Kenji Furukawa (Untitled Water Recording) from Sound Stream Mizu

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