Pirates Of The Caribbean - He's A Pirate Heavy Metall Version With Vocals

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Pirates Of The Caribbean - He's A Pirate (Heavy Metall Version With Vocals)

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Дата добавления: 2016-11-26
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He escaped from the island
Our strong captain Jack
He bound turtles together
With hair from his back

Left alone with a gun
To look death in the eye
But Red Bull gave him wings
And he learned how to fly

He is a Pirate
King of the sea

So he traveled with the guy
From Lord of the Rings
To the island of Tortuga
Where he had a few flings

He drafted a crew
To find the Isla de Muerta
And with blood from a bootstrap
He got rid of the curse

And the pearl with its crew
Sails the ocean tonight
And the darkness reveals
Every wound can be healed

And the moonlight displays
What may hide from your sight
When your eyes are blinded
By daylight

Oh Yeah
He is a Pirate
Yo Ho
King of the sea

Клип "He's A Pirate" Metal Version (with vocals) lyrics by Aeqvitas

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