Peruquois Перукуа - He-yip atoni Sacred Opening CD

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Peruquois (Перукуа) - He-yip atoni (Sacred Opening CD)

Длина mp3: 04:28
Дата добавления: 2018-10-21
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Текст песни:

I am a black robe woman of the night.
And though you cannot see me,
My eyes are the stars,
My emotions lives in a wood,
Sun is my heart,
My spirit lives in every woman.
I am the Earth,
And my breasts are mountains,
My hairs are trees
And my breath wind.
My blood runs in rivers,
My yoni the deep ravines,
My bones are the stones
And my tears the ocean,
My spirit lives in every woman.
My Love, we use the fibre of cosmos
I am in everywhere.

Клип Peruquois - He-yip atoni

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