Foo Fighters - Something From Nothing Acoustic

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Foo Fighters - Something From Nothing (Acoustic)

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Дата добавления: 2018-03-24
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ive me a flammable life
I'm cold as a match ready to strike
So here I go....

Here lies a city on fire
Singing alone
The arsonist choir
Now here I go

It started with a spark
And burning to the dark
Now here I go

There is a river I've found into the wild
Under the ground
So here I go....

A button on a string
And I heard everything
Now I here I go

Oh sweet ignition be my fuse
You have no choice you have to choose
Bid farewell to yesterday
Say goodbye I'm on my way

But in the end we all
Come from what's come before
So here I go

I'm something
From nothing
I'm something
From nothing...

Клип Foo Fighters Exclusive: Dave Grohl Performs 'Something From Nothing' Acoustic

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